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Stumptown Footy at 442 Bar on Hawthorne

While our very own Ryan Gates will be heading to Denver, Colorado (or somewhere outside it) for the Portland Timbers first ever MLS game to cover, cheer, and generally have a fantastic time with all the Timbers supporters heading out there, I, unfortunately, won't be able to make it. That said, however, I am planning on watching the game and hanging out at Portland's very own soccer-centric bar: 442 Bar.

So, if you're looking for some friendly faces to watch the game with, come on down! I'll be the one with the thick rimmed glasses that you see most Portlanders wearing these days.

Note: this isn't an official meet-up, although if we do get enough people to come perhaps we can actually work something out with our chosen bar location for future Stumptown Footy events/deals. Eventually I plan on finding a stable bar to attend week in, week out for away Portland Timbers games. Perhaps 442 Bar... we'll see.

Also, in case you are unable or don't want to go to the 442 Bar, feel free to attend either the official Portland Timbers viewing party at Kell's Irish Pub in downtown, or the official Timbers Army viewing party at the Baghdad Theatre in the Hawthorne district.

I'll be at 442 about an hour ahead of the gametime (5:00 PM) to get situated. If you see me, pull up a chair/barstool and we'll hang out!