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As Expected: Portland Timbers Sign Forward Brian Umony on Loan

No big surprise here as it was already hinted at by other international news organization stemming from Brian Umony's homeland a few weeks ago, but the Portland Timbers have come out and announced today that they have signed Brian Umony on loan from South African club University of Pretoria FC for the entirety of the 2011 season.

Part of the loan agreement gives the Timbers the right to outright purchase Umony at the end of the season.

I'm happy with this move, especially given Dike's injury. While I don't believe Brian Umony is a first team starter, he could make for an excellent sub should our team require it or if Eddie Johnson, Kenny Cooper, or Jorge Perlaza gets injured. He's a very capable safety net, so to say.

Those of you following the Portland Timbers pre-season games will remember that Brian Umony was the forward who scored against the Los Angeles Galaxy last month.