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Colorado away: The Morning of

WOW! Finally the day we waited for is here!

A quick update, I am in Parker, CO, which is just south of Denver. I arrived last night along with about 10 other Timbers supporters on a direct flight at 6:00 PM. My 2 brothers and my mom arrived ahead of me and met another Timbers supporter from Raleigh, NC who was waiting for his friend from Baltimore. Another was waiting for his son coming in from the Air Force Academy and his daughter coming from Whichita. It was an amazing feeling just seeing all the Timbers Green walking around Denver international.

The people at the car rental asked us "What is up with the scarves?" They had seen so many people come through with the scarves that they just had to ask. Of course we obliged by telling them we are the best supporters in the whole entire country.

So we got to our destination and had to educated My sister-in-law's Brother, whom we were staying with, all about the passion they will see at the game. We showed them video after video, followed by the "We Are Timbers" photos.  It was Midnight by the time we were done educated them. My brothers and I weren't done though, we stayed up another 2 hours just talking soccer and read tweets (one guy, @ehurtley, tweeted at 7:30 PM "Just left Portland.  Denver, here we come! #DenverAway #RCTID"). All of us are soooooooo excited? Hard to tell isn't it?

Now we are preparing for the Party! Tailgating starts at 4:00!