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Colorado Away: Pics and Videos

Here are all the pics and Videos that we took on our trip, despite the loss it was amazing to be a part of something special. The TA represented and showed that they are a going to be the class of the league.


Most of those photos show 3 or four of us, I am the one in the black and the others are my mother (fan since 1975) and my two brothers.

Videos are after the jump.


This is the video 35 mins before kick-off (we were half of the attendees at that point)


This video was shot 15 mins after the game was over. As you can see from the other sections everyone was gone. 


It was a great experience and there are some surprising similarities to the NASL Timbers, who lost to the Denver Dynamos 3-1 in Denver for their first game. Those Timbers went on to go to the NASL Championship.