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Season Tickets and Home Opener Sold Out, Waiting List Created

I'm not terribly sure how I missed this in my inbox, but apparently, as of yesterday, our team has officially sold all 12,500 season tickets and has created a waiting list for the 2012 season. This is fantastic news for the team as it shows that we have a committed fan base for the entirety of the year. It also means the chances that each and every game this year is sold out is relatively high, especially when paired up with the near-sold out half-season tickets.

In related news, the Portland Timbers have also announced the the home opener against the Chicago Fire on April 14th is also completely sold out. If you were planning on showing up the day of and getting in as was common in years prior then you're out of luck. I would expect most games this season, if not all, to fall along a similar path.

Huge congratulations to the Portland Timbers FO who has worked tirelessly to bring this kind of hype and attention to the club, despite a first game loss, we can at least rest assured that our team will be successful off the field.