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Getting to Know the Timbers: Jack Jewsbury

Jack Jewsbury (M/D)

Previous team(s):

Strengths: If you wanted a player that was the human swiss army knife you can now rejoice. Jack is versatile, he can play almost any position on the back line and in the midfield. Most of his starts have come either at Right Back or as a Central Midfielder, this is amazing as most players are either/or and it is rare to find a player that can play both a distributing role and a man marking defensive role. Has years of 22, 29, 28, 27, 34, 29 and 28 games since his 2nd year in the league, which is about as consistent as you can get.

Weaknesses: Does not exactly set the pitch on fire with his speed nor his quickness, which leaves him susceptible to the quick wingers or forwards. Even though he is versatile and can fill many roles, he fills those rolls as an average player at most of those positions. Lacks a lot of on the ball skills which can break down an opposing player. 

Analysis: Jack is a player who will never be seen as flashy and when you think of a particular game (unless he scores or gets an assist) his play won't stick out as memorable. However he is a great leader and will be a huge asset to our younger players. He is a perfect veteran for this team as he will be able to tell you what it will be like but even better than that he will show the younger players a great work ethic. For now he is our starting Defensive Center Mid as he brings a lot of heart and willingness to work which both Gavin Wilkenson and John Spencer covet.

Misc: A Q&A with Jack, getting to know you, Best buds Davy Arnaud and Jack Jewsbury, finally goal

Bold prediction: May become the next "one T"