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Report: Could Marcos Flores be our Mystery Designated Player?

A report from Adelaide Now, an Australian publication, has reported that the Portland Timbers are actively pursuing Marcos Flores, one of the Australian leagues' highest paid and best players with 9 goals and 8 assists for the player so far this season in Australia.

Born in Argentina, Marcos Flores has been playing professional soccer in Arentina since 2003. In January 2010, Flores joined Adelaide United. Since then he's been playing very well for the team and recently won the Warren Medal in Australia for his outstanding play.

Now I still don't have much information on the player himself as I'm in the midst of doing all the necessary research. However, I found this very nice highlights reel of him:

According to Adelaide Now, the Timbers have reportedly offered $1 million for him. Keep in mind, none of this is official until the Portland Timbers FO announces it.

[Thanks to kono for the tip.]