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Get Your Android and iWhatever MLS/Timbers App Now!

Big news for those of us who carry around mini touchable computers with us wherever we go and pay a boatload for it. MLS has officially released it's Android app while updating it's older iWhatever app for the 2011 season (also now compatible with the iPad). Seeing as how I only had an Android phone, I wasn't able to use the app until now.

After using it for the past 15-20 minutes or so I've come away fairly impressed with what MLS has created here. When you first launch the app, it immediately asks you to pick your team (Portland Timbers, obviously). Then it reskins itself to that team's colors and gives you all the news coming from your team. Hence why I called it a "Timbers app" in the title, because that's essentially what it became.

Functionality is all there, you'll have access to news from the Portland Timbers site (possibly driving me out of a job), as well as recent videos, the @TimbersFC twitter account, and an updated roster which currently shows little information but I believe will be expanded as the app's development is rolled out over the next couple months.

For those of you with iWhatevers (possibly only the iPad) you'll also have access to the Match Day Live service if you are subscribed to it. As far as I can tell, the same service doesn't exist on the Android app, at least not in the capacity to actually watch matches.

Finally, as expected, the app showcases easily and quickly upcoming matches for the Timbers as well as the rest of the league with important information, such as what channel the game will be on. Very helpful.

All in all, I'm impressed with the Android app. It has a slick interface and offers all the information I could handle in such a compact fashion. All of this, of course, is for the low low price of nothing. So, if you've got an Android or iWhatever device, have at it. It's definitely worth the 30-seconds or so it takes to find and install.

P.S. Yes, it is kind of a slow news day.