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Recap of another disheartening road loss

I am just not into writing this recap, it was a tough game for me to watch. So I am going to go with a quick recap and then pretty much only talk about the individual observations as well as the positives to come out of this game.

Quick Recap

Portland again was their own worst enemy and gifted LA 2 goals in the first 10 minutes. Donovan Ricketts made 3 good saves and Portland Loses 3-0.

Individual observations:

  • James Marcelin was lost out there. He was caught out of position numerous times and was not he physical presence we was in the previous 3 games. His positioning on the first goal was atrocious, which brought Futty out of position and allowed Chad Barrett to get behind the defense.
  • Futty looked overwhelmed at times but strong during others, Portland can't have a hot and cold centerback.
  • Troy Perkins looked Steadier than Jake Gleeson but it is almost as if the Timbers feed off the Energy that Gleeson exudes as compared to an even keel Perkins
  • Cooper and Perlaza worked their butts off but did not get much quality service but when they did they looked dangerous
  • Jeremy Hall was invisible on the attack
  • Our best crosses came from Perlaza! Not our outside backs, Portland needs to have better service into the box from Rodney Wallace and Steve Purdy
  • Eric Brunner was his usual self

The Positives

The biggest positive that came out of this was Diego Chará. When the Timbers actually used him they looked like a team that could actually keep possession and then build an attack. Chará really looks like he reads the game well and is able to break up an attack and then find the open player. Getting him used to his teammates and also taking off the play making pressure from Kalif Alhassan will help Portland in the long run. If Chará can hold the ball and relieve the pressure on the defense Portland will challenge for a play-off spot. As you can see I was impressed with his play tonight.

The other positive was the play of Darlington Nagbe. Tonight was by far his best game as he asserted himself more on the game. His passes to spring Wallace streaking down the sideline showed his skill. He also showed us that even now the other team is wary of him on the ball, every time he got the ball his defender gave him space as if they were wary of him getting by them if they pressured him. This will help out Portland's attack immensely as this will allow runs develop, like Wallace's, and Nagbe has the skill to find those runners.

Heres hoping that Portland learns to not give up goal(s) in the first 15 minutes on the road.


Quote of the night from the (at least to me) crappy coverage from FSC:

"I am an announcer now and I need to be biased." Say what?!?!?