'No Pity' and Steve Zakuani

Let me just throw this out there.

We've probably all seen the play now, where Brian Mullan of Colorado didn't get a foul called, so responded petulantly by breaking Steve Zakuani's leg. Okay, so I imagine he wasn't trying to break Zakuani's leg, but his tackle was high, hard, late, two-legged and zero-brained. It was moronic. Hopefully the refs don't miss a call against him when the Timbers play him.

And his "I'd do it again" 'apology' was pretty monstrous.

Anyway. For discussions sake, if Brian Mullan was a Timber and that play happened at Goose Hollow, would the Army and other fans start the 'No Pity' chant? Would you participate? What are your thoughts there?

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