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Portland Timbers Reserves dim the Galaxy Reserves, 3 - 1

After last night's terrible defeat, it can be a little difficult to muster up any sort of excitement regarding the team the day after. I'm right there with you... while I maintain that our team is getting better, yesterday's match against the Los Angeles Galaxy left me feeling a little deflated at all the progress we've made over our first five games.

But it's not all bad news. We can, at the very least, take solace in the fact that our reserves handily defeated the Los Angeles Galaxy reserves in a 3 - 1 victory earlier today. While it's certainly not the same as taking home the three points, it shows the FO of the Galaxy that we're not entirely going to be pushed over.

MLS rookie Spencer Thompson scored two of our three goals, once in the 39th minute and another in the 89th minute. The other goal came from our former first team center back Kevin Goldthwaite early in the second half.

Again it doesn't mean much, but, at the very least we can say we won something yesterday and some of our important subs, like Ryan Pore, were able to get important minutes in a competitive match. As we head into what could be our most challenging game of the season this Saturday, it's important that everybody take what wins they can get.

These were the line ups for each team:

LA Galaxy Lineup: GK Saunders; D Hejduk (Dhillon 66), D Alvarado, D Kirovski, D Thomas; M Jimenez, M Stephens, M Cardozo (McCarty 74), M Birchall; F Angel (Keat 45), F Jordan (Tilley 84).

Portland Timbers Lineup: GK Gleeson; D Taylor, D Goldthwaite, D Smith, D Braun; M Nagbe (Morris 45), M Moffat, M Lopez, M Zizzo (Spicer 70); F Pore, F Thompson.