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Reminder: Watch the Concacaf Champions League Final Tonight! [7:00 PM]

Regardless of your stance on whether you would like to see Real Salt Lake win or not in tonight's Concacaf Champions League final, it's still a huge game that will probably prove to be more entertaining than not. Beyond even that, it's an historic game for the league and soccer fans around the United States and Canada. One of our own has made it far, far into a surprisingly deep tournament.

My biggest hope tonight is that Monterrey, coming off a 2 - 2 tie in the first leg of the CCL final, will be so determined to win the thing tonight that they'll literally run Real Salt Lake ragged. Normally, I'd like to support our MLS "home team," but given the circumstances of them heading to Portland on Saturday, I'm more inclined to hope that they bring their reserve squad rather than their A-team. After last weekend's loss I'd very much like a solid win this weekend... even better if we're the ones who smash their unbeaten record.

Catch the game tonight on Fox Soccer Channel at 7:00 PM. For those without the channel, Concacaf streams the games for free from their own website, although, oddly enough, sans timer and goal tracker. A free registered account is required.

[Concacaf TV]