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NTR: Was Brian Mullan's Punishment Fair? [Poll]

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Well, it's now official, MLS has given Brian Mullan a 10 game suspension matched with a $5,000 fine for his recklass tackle against Steve Zakuani in last week's game at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. You can see the tackle HERE, although those of you a bit squeamish at physical injuries should probably avoid it.

It probably didn't help Brian Mullan's case at all that he was completely evasive about the severity of the injury when he commented that he'd "do it again." As true as it might be that it was sort of a freak injury, that's simply something you don't say, especially so soon to the incident. Many who weren't all that angry at Mullan prior, were fuming after his post-game interview.

So what do you think? Is this a fair judgement by the MLS Disciplinary Committee or are they going far and beyond in an attempt to make an example out of Mullan?

My personal opinion is more of the latter. I wasn't at the game, but I've seen the sequence of events more times than I'd like to admit and I don't see any sort of malice. Yes, Mullan had a chip on his shoulder, but he certainly had no intent to cause harm. Not from my viewing angle anyway (which is the same as most others). I'm thinking that this is more of a way to set an example to other players who might consider attempting hard tackles against high profile players from other teams. Steve Zakuani might not have been a Designated Player, but he was certainly a fan favorite.

I was expecting no more than a five game ban.

But what do you think? Fair, unfair? Sound off in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments.