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A Special Night in Remembering Gisele Currier

As many of you know, one of the most ardent supporters of the Portland Timbers and Timbers Army passed away earlier this week. It's tragic, sad and a huge loss to our supporters group as Gisele was one of the original smiling faces of thr group in the early part of last decade.

I didn't know Gisele personally, but I can certainly respect the mark she has left on the Timbers Army and how we are all better because of her.

Anyway, tonight there will be a special tribute to Gisele (via

  • As you enter the Timbers Army section please place a rose on her seat in the last row of 107 or hold your rose up during the pre-game tribute.
  • Before the players come out for introductions and prior to the national anthem, there will be an announcement requesting a moment of silence, a video montage of memories of Gisele will be shown on the video board, and Tim Birr (piper) will play Amazing Grace.
  • We are also coordinating an on-field tribute during this moment with someone very special to Gisele.
  • In addition, we are working with the front office to place remembrance images on not only Gisele’s stadium seat, but also on those of our other Timbers Army family members who graced our lives but are no longer with us.
  • Please respect the series of events in honor of Gisele tonight.