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Cascadia Cup: John Spencer and Kasey Keller Have History

And not necessarily the good kind of history either.

According to the video after the jump (below), the player that takes the penalty kick, which is saved by Kasey Keller, is none other than the Portland Timbers current head coach John Spencer, who, as we all know, played for the Chelsea football club in the 1990s.

The Seattle Times blog has a great quote from John Spencer about it:

I do remember it quite vividly. It was at Stamford Bridge and I think it was myself and Kasey on the field with the referee, and behind us right along the halfway line there were maybe 25 horses stopping the Chelsea fans and the Millwall fans from going into a riot. So as soon as I put the ball down I took three steps back, ran as quick as I can, hit the shot, it gets saved and I turned and ran as fast as I could up the tunnel. That's probably what I remember more about the penalty kick more than anything.

Why the running you might ask? Well back then Kasey Keller played for Millwall and, if you know anything about Millwall, especially the 1990s version of the club, it's that their fans loves to riot, pillage and generally do anything possible to make the other team miserable. The video above is proof positive why it was important for Spencer to run as shortly after the stadium turned into a riot zone.

Of course, this all has nothing to do with the weekend's game, but it's still a fun story to tell about the man leading the Portland Timbers.