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Timbers Tid Bits: Power Rankings Edition

As you can probably tell by the title, today's "Timbers Tid Bits" edition will feature a number of power ranking links from various sources. While I don't really like to participate in power rankings personally, I can see why others like to use them as a quick snapshot of how the team is fairing recently. Based off this week's rankings, there's nothing but good things to say about the Timbers.

Anyway, I've placed all the power ranking links at the far bottom. Everything else is organized as usual. Enjoy!

Timbers Specific News

Timbers in 30
Check out the latest Timbers-focused show online right now.

Post-Match Thoughts: Timbers @ Seattle
Another quality post-match wrap up.

Sh*t John Harkes Says
John Harkes receives a lot of criticism. Here are a few examples of his butchering many Timbers' player names.

Timbers Army Outsings Sounders Fans at Qwest
A couple videos from Saturday's game showcasing how loud 500 away fans can be.

Two new caps in All Whites squad
Uncapped pair Jake Gleeson and Craig Henderson have been named in a 23-man New Zealand men's football squad.

League News (after the jump)

Another week and more expansion talk for Major League Soccer, focused on Vegas and Minnesota
Well it is another week and again expansion talks are in the air for Major League Soccer as the league talks with two potential markets, Minnesota and Las Vegas. Where will MLS team #20 end up?

Donovan passes Kreis among all-time MLS scorers
Landon Donovan has outed RSL head coach Jason Kreis in scoring the most in MLS. Jaime Moreno is 22 goals ahead of Donovan.

RBNY Fan Take: MLS Can Capitalize on Red Bulls Vs. Galaxy Rivalry -
An unusual take by a fan that almost suggests rigging MLS would be best for the league and New York.

Parity has MLS off to races
After going winless in six games in the first month of the season, Chivas USA was being written off, destined for another rebuilding year.

Freddy Adu: Returning to MLS wouldn't be easy and I would like to stay at Rizespor
As much as people would like for Adu to head back to MLS, his contract is still owned by Benfica.

Could Porsche Be Colorado Rapids' First-Ever Shirt Sponsor?
A Facebook picture seems to hint at some kind of partnership between the Colorado Rapids and Porsche. A shirt sponsor maybe?

Power Rankings links

Soccer By Ives: SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 9
Portland grabs 5th place!

2011 MLS Soccer Power Rankings Week 8 - ESPN Soccernet
A week old but Portland is in 4th place anyway!

MLS Power Rankings, Week 9: Portland Timbers Continue To Climb
Portland Timbers snag 8th place.

2011 MLS Power Rankings: Week 9 | Bleacher Report
Portland Timbers come in 6th.