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The CONCACAF Gold Cup: How it affects the Portland Timbers

Today was the day the CONCACAF nations participating in the regional championship had to have their final 23 man roster submitted. There are quite a few MLS players on these rosters, including our own Steve Purdy who could be gone as long as one month. So the question how does this affect the Portland Timbers?

Well it affects us directly in our depth of our back line. Purdy is the back-up left/right back and if anything happens to Jeremy Hall or Rodney Wallace. While Purdy is away the Timbers might be in some trouble. However the biggest affect might be in how different a team might look when we play them. 

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First lets take a look at the Fixture list for the Gold Cup:

Group Stage: June 5th through June 14th. 

Quarterfinals: June 18th and 19th

Semifinals: June 22nd

Final: June 25th

Next what are the Portland Fixtures during this time frame, including the 1 week before and after.

Sun., May 29

Portland Timbers

D.C. United

Sat., Jun. 4

Chivas USA

Portland Timbers

Sat., Jun. 11

Portland Timbers

Colorado Rapids

Sun., Jun. 19

Portland Timbers

New York Red Bulls

Sat., Jun. 25

FC Dallas

Portland Timbers

Sat., Jul. 2

Portland Timbers

Sporting Kansas City

Since El Salvador has not made it out of the group stage since 1980 something (This might be an exaggeration) we most likely will only be missing Purdy for the Chivas USA game and the Colorado Rapids Game.

Now lets take a look at the opponents(the game against DC United will not be affected by any of the call-ups):


  • Chivas USA: No players were called up
  • Colorado Rapids: Again none
  • New York Red Bulls: Rafael Marquez (Mexico), Dwayne De Rosario (Canada), Tim Ream (USA) and Jaun Agudelo (USA)
  • FC Dallas: None
  • Sporting Kansas City: Roger Espinoza (Honduras)
So in reality it won't be any different in 4 out of the 5 opponents the Timbers play. However the jack-pot is the fact that the Red Bulls will most likely be in town without two of their starting backs and without one of the better forwards, of course they still have to contend with Thierry Henry. If Mexico or the US does not make it to the Quarterfinals it would be considered a monumental failure. Canada has a chance at making the Quarterfinals so it is also possible the Timbers would not see DeRo again either. 

What do you think? Does this increase the chance Portland continues their home winning streak with the Redbulls missing some of their top talent?