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Portland Timbers to Debut in "Soccer Night in America" Fox Soccer Rebranding

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So here's some interesting, if rather odd, news this morning. Apparently, in an effort to get back on Major League Soccer's good side, Fox Soccer Channel is planning on debuting a new effort to increase exposure to the league by creating a branded "Soccer Night in America" effect for each game it shows from this point on. This is especially odd branding because, well, as a soccer-exclusive channel that's exclusive to America technically every night on FSC is "soccer night in America."

Anyway, I think we saw a taste of this in last week's game as I remember seeing the graphic floating around somewhere, but the full sh-bang kicks off this Friday with the Portland Timbers taking on the Philadelphia Union at Jeld-Wen Field. Here are the details from

The new show will include redesigned, state-of-the-art graphics to headline the new look, along with a fresh set design, slow-motion camera technology and a style that migrates FOX Soccer closer to its network family. "Soccer Night in America’s" enhanced studio set features a cutting edge, contemporary design, a new logo and graphics that more closely match broadcasts throughout FOX Sports properties.

The new graphics package incorporates Vizrt technology, which provides digital, real-time 3D and virtual graphic displays, and super slow-motion cameras in match telecasts.

The branding is interesting and all that, but what I'm really interested in seeing is the super slow-motion cameras. Too bad Portland's #1 television operator still doesn't broadcast FSC in HD... at least not to my knowledge.

Catch a promo video after the jump.

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