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How do you think John Spencer is doing so far? [Poll]

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Yesterday there was quite the shake up in Vancouver and Chicago as both teams fired their respective head coaches. Looking through the various forums and discussions across the web in regards to said sackings, I noticed how the Whitecaps fans and Fire fans were nearly polar opposites on the day's events where one group was largely angry and the other jubilant, respectively.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about John Spencer and how he has done so far this season. I'll reserve my own judgement for the comments at a later date, but I'd be very interested in how you think he's fairing via the poll and, hopefully, through the comments.

Be as honest as you like. I'm not looking for everybody to agree, I'm just curious to see where a wide spectrum of fans currently sit. If you think he's done a particularly bad job, I'd be especially curious to see your thoughts in the comments.