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Powerstats: A new website

So in my post game trip through the twitteverse I stumbled upon something we here at Stumptown Footy have talked about. A new way to look at stats and changes in possession. Granted this isn't official stats like fouls suffered or Shots on goal but the stats due give us a different perspective on the Timbers players.

The website address is

Here are 2 of the questions and answers from the FAQ:

What is the Soccer PowerStats™ statistical system? 

The Soccer PowerStats™ statistical system (PowerStats) tracks the on-field participation for both teams and their individual players by identifying 20 different statistical categories (or actions). 

PowerStats concentrates on those statistics (or actions) involved with (1) scoring goals and (2) change of possession. 

How does PowerStats work? 

The 20 statistics are combined in several ways to calculate Power Ratings and produce a Power Chart. 

Each statistic (or action) has a plus or minus rating of 1, depending on whether the action has a positive or negative impact on the game. The only variation is Goals (+3), Assists (+2), Saves (+2), and Red Cards (-3). 

A Power Rating is the sum of all the statistical categories. PowerStats also calculates ratings for Attacking, Defending, Striker, Playmaker, Defender, and Mistakes. 

The Power Chart is a graph which shows the sum of all statistics for each team at time intervals throughout the match. The result is a graph of each team's momentum and paints a clearer picture of what actually happened on the pitch, beyond what you see in a box score or match report.

Interestingly enough according to them our top player is Mamadou Danso. He has a power average of 22.7, attacking rating of 6.0 and a defender rating of 16.7. Cooper is number 2 and Brunner is number 3.

Check more of the stats out here.