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Win Two Free Tickets (GA) to Tonight's Game!

So usually I dole out my extra tickets over Twitter. Which is all well and good for people who actually use the service, but not really fair to the regular readers who prefer to just come here daily for each and every post I write (you guys rock!). As such, I've decided to give away two tickets to the Timbers Army section for tonight's game against the Colorado Rapids. You'll remember them as the guys who thoroughly thrashed the Timbers in the March 19th season opener...

Anyway, all you have to do is answer this singular question in the comments:

Who is you're current favorite Timbers player and why?

Do NOT forget the "WHY" part. Doesn't have to be long, a single sentence is fine, but it is required.

I'll close the contest at 1:00 PM. From there all participating members' names will be thrown into a hat and I'll draw the lucky winner. Should the winner only request a single ticket then I'll draw another. Easy-peasy.

Tickets will be distributed via email. Don't enter twice, I have ways of checking.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Contest is over! Thanks to everyone who entered. The winner(s) will be contacted within the half hour.

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to tkauffm for winning. Enjoy the tickets!