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Timbers Tid Bits: No News Edition

Sorry for the sudden dearth of news and links yesterday. I'm not sure if everybody took the day off or what, but there was a serious dearth of anything at all relating to the Portland Timbers and very few articles regarding other MLS teams. All in all it was just kind of weird. Today has been a little better, especially since I was able to scrap together two days worth of links, but it's still a little light considering... Oh well.

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Lindpere, Tainio likely against Portland
Luke Rodgers is expected, but still not 100%.

Portland Timbers' Jeremy Hall eager to square off against former teammates
Timbers' defender played two seasons with New York before coming to Portland.

Gleeson gets some on-field education
Jake Gleeson will be incredibly talented one day...

League news (after the jump)

Drug use surfaces again in MLS
Columbus Crew player suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing drug.

MLS offers come in for ex-Arsenal, Inter, Man City midfielder Vieira
Another transfer window looms, as such a number of aging veterans wish to retire in MLS.

The U.S. team might need to play at smaller venues to avoid further embarrassment
Gee, I wonder had any USMNT games been played in the PNW would these numbers reflect differently.

Sounders teenager struggling to grow up in MLS
Miguel Montano is 19 years old and still looking to find his groove. Sounders aside, I've personally been impressed with Montano the few times I've seen him play.

Former MLS All-Star Eskandarian joins Union technical staff
I remember when Eskandarian played for the LA Galaxy right before he retired. He pulled off a couple really amazing goals.

Crew: Cunningham contributing as a mentor
Crew forward Jeff Cunningham playing an important role in mentoring young rookies.