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Portland Timbers Have One More Shot at the U.S. Open Cup

Technically it's the Portland Timbers U-23 team, but that's really just semantics. Those guys wear the green, white and gold and therefor are legitimate Timbers to be cheered on by us tomorrow at 11:00AM at Jeld-Wen Field. Here's how the whole thing will play out.

The Portland TImbers U-23 team will take on the Kitsap Pumas in a sort of "tie breaking" game that was brought on by both teams having the exact same 3-0-1 record in USOC qualifying play. Whoever wins this game will go on to take an official spot in the U.S. Open Cup tournament, something our first team, unfortuantely, lost out on in a loss against the San Jose Earthquakes.

Better still, whichever team comes out on top has the possibility of playing against the Seattle Sounders in USOC play. Now I make no claims that the U-23 team will be able to win against Seattle's MLS squad, but thinking about it still makes me excited for the possibility of such an event.

But before we can begin thinking about Seattle, we need to cheer on our guys tomorrow against Kitsap. I know many of you have work, but for those that do not, it's $5 at the gate. If you find yourself away from the computer, the Portland Timbers will be offering a live webstream.