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Timbers Tid Bits: Henry Edition

Well it was bound to happen at some point this week. It seems like everybody and their mother has an opinion on the controversial sending off of Thierry Henry late in the game last Sunday. I've linked a few of the articles here (for good reason) and it seems like most thought it was unfair. I tend to agree, but it's really not as clear as most people would probably want or expect it to be. Aside from that, despite what the New York Red Bulls general manager, Erik Soler, says I thought the officiating was pretty good. No major gafs that I could see from the Timbers Army. I do need to rewatch the game though.

Enjoy the news!

Timbers specific news

Portland deserved to win, says Henry
I agree!

You make the call: Was Thierry Henry's red card fair?
Eh not really. Henry did come in a little rough with the taps to Moffat's head and touching another players head is supposed to be an instant red card in a confrontational meet up, but even then with the amount of time left it was really not an issue.

Bittersweet draw shows Timbers what they're capable of
Despite what this article says, I still think the offense is lacking.

Game 14: Timbers 3 – Red Bull 3
Two more points were thrown away on Sunday night when Portland Timbers gave up a 3-1 lead in the

New York Red Bulls GM Erik Soler criticizes MLS officiating after Portland Timbers draw
Hmmm I need to rewatch the game, but from my perspective I thought Ricardo Salazar did a fair job.

League news (after the jump)

GOODBYE, JOHN - U.S. soccer pioneer Kerr, dies
One of the great soccer pioneers in America died at 67.

Former Victory star Fred to join Heart
So that's where Fred ended up.

Are regional standouts on their way to MLS?
This Gold Cup in particular has lead to many national players standing out. We could see an influx of players from the region this transfer window.

Obama to greet Colorado Rapids at White House
Keeping up with the tradition.

Crew rookie Anor earns MLS Player of the Week
Columbus Crew rookie Bernardo Anor earned the Major League Soccer Player of the Week for Week 14, it was announced on Monday.

Despite eight-game spell, Toronto believe they're still in it
I don't suppose you'd hear many coaches or execs give up before the half way point in the season.

Q&A: Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle
If you want to know what an EPL manager thinks of MLS, now's your chance...