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Rumor: Juan Carlos Toja for the Portland Timbers?

As the transfer window gets close, expect these transfer rumors to get wilder. Today's rumor comes from Greek sprting site Sport24 where it has a small blurb in an otherwise completely irrelevant article:

On the positive side for the management of FC Aris, after interest from the Portland MLS for Carlos Tocha that is not in the plans of the new season, was added that the Spanish Santander Rathingk for Oriol Lothano and it remains to be seen whether it will proceed.

Pardon the rough translation.

Those of you who have been keeping eye on MLS for a while now will remember Toja most recently played for FC Dallas here in America and was sold to a Romanian club back in 2008. Apaprently his time to Aris FC of the Greek premier league was not as fruitful for everybody involved and is no longer in the plans for next season.

Toja is an attacking midfielder who has played for River Plate (of Argentina), FC Dallas, Steaua Bucuresti (of Romania) and Aris FC. He has scored a combined five goals in his last 100 or so games.

I won't bother giving my opinions on him being included into the team until more information surfaces (if it ever does) regarding this rumor. But feel free to speculate yourselves in the comments!

[Thanks to arizonatimbersfan for the heads up]