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Timbers Tid Bits: Reserves Edition

A big congratulations to our reserve team yesterday for pulling off a 2 - 1 victory over the San Jose Earthquakes. I know it's not the regular season, but the reserve system is important for getting the team to play well together and build confidence. It was also something that was sorely missed in the last few years so I am, personally, very happy to see it return.

With the Timbers drawing last Sunday and the reserves winning yesterday I'm almost half convinced the Timbers could turn this season around yet!

Enjoy your morning news!

Timbers specific news

Timbers Reserves Top Earthquakes Reserves 2-1
Well at least somebody won something!

Portland's Danso could be back for FC Dallas matchup
Futty could be back as early as the weekend's game. I'd definitely like that.

More New York Red Bulls at Portland Timbers (photos)
Pictures from Sunday's game.

League news (after the jump)

Gold Cup absence not a problem for Donovan as he still leads the pack
Despite his absence, Landon Donovan has been unaffected in the Castrol Rankings.

MLS' Reserve League gives added opportunities to backups
The reserve league is an important part of the development of players. Happy it's finally back.

Red Bulls can't appeal Thierry Henry's one-game suspension
I don't even remember the last time a player was able to get out of his suspension. It's certainly been a while.

MLS suspends striker Nazarit two matches
Another post-match suspension and fine. Let this weed out the dangerous tackles!

Rochester Rhinos blank Harrisburg in U.S. Open Cup match
Not much reason to follow the US Open Cup now, but here are some results.

MLS suspends Real Salt Lake's Alexandre
I'd like to see more of this. MLS should take the time, review games and issue punishments the referee wasn't able to catch.

Is Francesco Totti Preparing to Join LA Galaxy?
Aging retiree aside, doesn't the Galaxy already have three Designated Players?