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Timbers Tid Bits: Gold Cup Final Edition

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Big congratulations to the U.S. Men's National Team for beating Panama in the Gold Cup semi-finals. I'll have more on my thoughts about the actual game itself in an article later today. For now, though, congrats are in order. Now we look towards Saturday when the US takes on Mexico at... 6:00PM, a half hour after the Portland Timbers game starts. Dammit.

Enjoy your morning news.

Timbers specific news

Portland Timbers focus on closing out games
Team tries to correct late-game breakdowns, which have cost them 3 points in the past two games.

Spencer says Timbers lack consistency in first MLS season
It's true.

Timbers prepare to end road woes
Looking ahead to Saturday's game, the Timbers will want to end their road game troubles.

League and Gold Cup news (after the jump)

Soccer By Ives: Adu delivers for USMNT after two-year absence
Adu had an impressive run in yesterday's Gold Cup semi-final

Wasn't the MLS Supposed to be Bigger by Now?
I suggest only reading this "article" if you would like to guffaw at some obvious flawed arguments.

Whitecaps show they are listening to message being preached by new coach
Despite registering second win of season, Vancouver has a lot of work to do.

Free Speech and the MLS Fan: The Revolution’s Situatio
Another editorial on the Revolution situation.

Philadelphia vs Sporting KC Report
And another 0-0 tie. Fascinating.

Chicago vs Salt Lake Report
0-0 tie for the midweek game.

Scoreless ties become norm for Fire
The Fire battled to its third scoreless tie in the last five matches on Wednesday.