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Report: Portland Timbers to Bring in Cillian Sheridan on Loan

According to Bulgarian sports site, CSKA Sofia will loan out 22 year old Irish striker Cillian Sheridan to the Portland Timbers during th summer transfer window. They claim it is with 99% certainty...

Of course, we'll still wait until the official word from the Portland Timbers to make any official announcement, but it is quite well known at this point that the Irish international has been trialing with the Portland Timbers for the last few days. Prior to that he was with the Seattle Sounders where he scored against Vancouver in a reserve match. Sheridan also played in a reserve match for the Portland Timbers against the San Jose Earthquakes on Tuesday, but according to Michael Orr of Mao's Football, he did not really impress.

Still a single game can hardly be used to measure a player in his entirety. It could be, were this deal to actually go through, that the Timbers FO saw something not seen in the reserve match.

This all seems a little odd though. At present the Timbers have six forwards already in Kenny Cooper, Jorge Perlaza, Eddie Johnson, Brian Umony (on loan), Bright Dike and Spencer Thompson. Ryan Pore has also been playing forward as well in recent games. As it stands, the position seems a little crowded, granted the depth could probably use some work. I just don't see how we could squeeze him in.

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