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Timbers Tid Bits: Parity Edition

SB Nation Soccer, the guys who essentially run everything soccer related here at SB Nation, has a fantastically well thought out article on parity in the MLS and how, at this point, perhaps continuing parity isn't such a great idea. Those of you who were fans of the old NASL will remember what happened when the teams were allowed to run wild and rampant. Eventually it lead to the league's death. Still, MLS is better situated that the NASL ever was. Perhaps it's time to start loosening the strings a little more.

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Tide go for first win over Portland Timbers U-23 Wednesday
An important game coming up for our U-23 boys in the PDL.

U.S. players home with El Salvador
Defender Steve Purdy has spent the past two weeks away from Major League Soccer's Portland Timbers to play for El Salvador's national team in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which will resume Thursday in Charlotte.

Portland Timbers must defeat defending champs to snap losing streak
Timbers' two-game losing streak ties season-high.

League news (after the jump)

Too Much Parity Does Major League Soccer No Favors
Parity is lauded as one of the MLS's greatest strengths. But in their bid to avoid repeating the mistakes of the NASL by ensuring an even playing field, has the league gone too far?

MLS Designated Player Dissection: Andrés Mendoza finally making an impact for the Crew
I didn't even know Mendoza was a DP.

Citi Field Welcomes Soccer for a Night
The Mets’ home field hosted Ecuador and Greece in an international friendly that may lay the groundwork for an M.L.S. team in Queens.

Plans to renovate Silverdome for soccer on track
Steve Apostolopoulos attended Tuesday night's Gold Cup at Ford Field as a fan with the future in mind.

Jamaica reaping the benefits of Major League Soccer's continued growth
Donovan Ricketts, Dane Richards, Omar Cummings... all considered to be some of the best MLS players. They're also Jamaican internationals.

Clint Dempsey wants some respect
He may be one of the go-to guys on the U.S. men's team, but Clint Dempsey has had to prove himself time and again with his club Fulham.