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Timbers Tid Bits: Home Opener Edition

Not for us, mind you, but another grand MLS stadium is opening up today! I know it might seem a little odd to be reading about another team's stadium, but really, this is great for the league. Sporting Kansas City has long been though of as an under-performing club in both attendance and general ambition. This stadium will hopefully light a spark in an otherwise ripe market. Also, their stadium is gorgeous. It lacks the old world charm of Jeld-Wen, but makes up for it in some neat technological doo-dads.

Anyway, so let this stand as my congratulations to Sporting Kansas City fans and the guys at The Daily Wiz, SB Nation's Sporting KC blog. Good luck tonight against Chicago!

Here's the day's news!

Timbers specific news

Timbers’ improvement is a work in progress
Portland's winning formula has largely been broken down. Not a huge surprise that other MLS teams were watching and adapting as needed.

With opener in past, Timbers turn attention again to Rapids
I'll be doing some scouting reports today! Stay tuned!

Young players a key to Portland Timbers' playoff hopes
On one hand it's almost unfortunate the Timbers are in the Western Conference given the higher competitiveness.

Notes From Cascadia: Portland Timbers Come Back Down to Earth
Was there a trend this week I was unaware of?

More ups and downs?
Another "can Portland rebound?" article.

League news (after the jump)

Climbing the Ladder: Successful stadium openers
Big game for Sporting Kansas City tonight and one that they need to win.

Queens Hosts Ecuador-Greece Friendly, MLS Next?
Looks like Queens can pull in a decent soccer crowd, but will they actually support an MLS team?

MLS suspends, fines Crew's Williams for testing positive for banned substance
Player suspended 10 games, docked part of salary for use of performance-enhancer.

St. Louis has fallen off MLS radar
Major League Soccer coming to St. Louis is not on the horizon.

The Green, Green Sod of Home
United States players and coaches complained about the temporary grass field installed at Ford Field in Detroit for Tuesday night's Concacaf Gold Cup match against Canada.

Soccer palace in KC set to open
Hard to imagine it was just a few years ago that there were very serious discussions about moving the team elsewhere.