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Would You Like to See Kenny Cooper Traded Away? [Poll]

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Rumor machine got started a little early this morning with and the Kickoff dutifully suggesting that perhaps Kenny Cooper might not ultimately stick around with the Timbers. It's an interesting idea, even if there is absolutely no merit behind it whatsoever other than the fact that Kenny Cooper said:

"My focus is being a Timber and remaining (in Portland. I'm certainly happy to be here and I want to be here."


"I certainly don't want to be on the bench. I want to be starting on the field. I do want to be here, but that's not up to me."

Obviously this is where the rumor started, despite there not being any real information on whether or not Kenny would stick around or not. No player knows what is happening during the transfer window unless they're out of contract and free to negotiate for themselves. Kenny Cooper is no different. Just because he is a "star player" doesn't mean he would have inside knowledge on whether he gets traded or not. He simply does not know. Which is all he really said...

That lack of knowledge has somehow been bred into some fairly wild rumors that he'll be on the next flight out of Portland to whereversville.

But this is all beside the point. I didn't originally plan on discussing the rumor all that much. Instead, I'd like to get a discussion going about Kenny Cooper, the role he's played in the Timbers and his possible future with the team and whether or not you believe he does.

So, first things first, let's establish some hypotheticals. Let's say Kenny Cooper was not long for Portland and, instead would be traded for a player and some allocation money. We'll say any non-DP player in the league. Trade for a trade. Would you support this move? Would like it if the Timbers could trade Kenny Cooper away for a different proven MLS quality player?

I'm attaching a poll to this article for the simple fact that I'd like to see how many of you would or would not be interested in seeing Kenny Cooper get traded away, but what I'm really interested in is seeing what you guys think the Timbers could even get for Cooper. Who would you bring in his stead? What big name MLS player would be worth him?

Sound of in the comments!