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Thoughts on the WBA Friendly

As many of you know Portland lost to West Bromich Albion 3-2 on Wednesday night. I was going to try and put up a recap but didn't have my computer at the game and came home to a very sick little boy and stayed up way too late last night. So I am just going to voice some thoughts and observations from the game.

First Half:

I think this was one of the better halves of soccer Portland has played this year, granted it was against a team just starting their pre-season and looked like the were going at half-speed. The possession and passing were amazing to watch and really made the first half quite enjoyable. The first goal was a thing of beauty and credit goes to Darlington Nagbe for creating the opportunity and Eddie Johnson for finishing it. The second goal was an amazing shot from outside the box from Peter Lowry

Second Half:

Talk about a game of two halves. Portland did make 6 subs which obviously throws out momentum and rhythm in one toss. Coupled with the fact that WBA probably got their rhythm together and you get a 3 goal turnaround. Really the game should have ended in PK's, which would have happened if the game was tied, because the last goal should have been saved by Jake Gleeson. With that said I would rather Gleeson learn in friendlies like this one than make that mistake in a game that counts and you could see it affected him after the game but his teammates, especially Adin Brown, did not let him stay down.

Observations after the jump:   



  • Darlingtion Nagbe was amazing in the center of the park. I think this allowed him to influence the game a lot more. I would love to see Diego Chara, Captain Jack Jewsbury, and Nagbe in the middle of the park and move....
  • Kenny Cooper out wide is a much better option than as a out and out striker. He was more controlling and able to use his foot skills. 
  • Chris Taylor has some major upside. He really stood up his man a lot and never quit. He also got forward well and hit some nice crosses, but still needs to improve
  • Steve Purdy is not a Central Back. He was pushed around all game long.
  • Peter Lowry is scrappy and I love how he plays, I think he could come in instead of James Marcelin and give us better possession late in the games.
What do you think about the game last night?