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Timbers Tid Bits: MLS All Star Edition

Tonight's the night of the big game. Well big with respects to marketing and monetary value to the league as a whole. For those of us who are lamenting the fact that key players will be missing from the weekend's squads then it's not at all a good thing. While I hope Jack Jewsbury gets some minutes tonight, I'm certainly hoping it's not so many that he ends up sitting out of Saturday's game...

Enjoy your afternoon news.

Timbers specific news

Timbers' Jewsbury in awe as he joins MLS All-Stars
Very happy for him.

Timbers earn 2-0 win over Independiente
Solid win and a fun game!

Who needs Becks? The MLS will thrive on the runaway success of Seattle, Vancouver and Portland
Mostly focused on Vancouver, but a good article nonetheless.

League news (after the jump)

Maybe Reds can win in this league
It would take a miracle for Toronto FC to make Major League Soccer’s playoff derby, but the last-place team is still playing for something this season.

MLS provides the best all-star game in sports
A comparison of the MLS All Star Game to other leagues'.

Why I May Skip the All Star Game Tonight
How essential is watching an all star game to being a fan of a sport? That's the question I am asking myself with the MLS All Star Game later tonight.

Earthquakes' all-star Bobby Convey never has focused on goal scoring
Veteran is making all-star presence felt as Quakes left back

David Beckham effect lingers in his fifth season, but MLS will do fine without him
Beckham still draws buzz, but MLS has made progress in spite of him

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero addresses rumors about him joining Major League Soccer
37 year old? Thanks but no thanks.

Caps still have playoffs on minds
The Vancouver Whitecaps probably have to win eight of their final 13 games to contend for a Major League

The MLS All-Star Game is popular, but does it undermine the league's legitimacy?
The All-Star Game pits the best of MLS against one of the world's best clubs, which this year is Manchester United. But does the exhibition undermine the league's legitimacy?

Major League Soccer: All-Stars or Scrubs?
Executives at Major League Soccer believe they offer the most compelling All-Star Game format in all of American sports. For better or worse, they may be right.