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Timbers Tid Bits: Crushing Defeat Edition

I'm not planning on preparing a full MLS All Stars game review. I just don't have the time or will to put so much effort in something I never really cared about to begin with. That said, I'm not sure you could call Manchester United's 4-nil win over the MLS All Stars anything other than a crushing defeat. While the All Stars got in some great chances in the first half and Jack Jewsbury contributed his own in the second half, it was pretty obvious who the better "team" was last night. And I quoted team because, well, the MLS All Stars aren't really a team at all...

Oh well, it's over til next year. Here's your morning news!

Timbers specific news

Purdy’s Predicament
With two fresh faces coming in, Purdy is likely to be challenged for his starting spot.

Portland Timbers don’t lose focus, beat Independiente 2 to 0 convincingly
Hopefully they ride this success into Saturday.

Never too early for Spencer, Timbers to make playoff push
With 19 games in, it's more important than ever to win consistently.

League news (after the jump)

Expect MLS to be one of world's top soccer leagues within 10 years
I'm skeptical. Mostly because it would require dramatic increases in the salary cap.

Women's soccer seemingly has options for growth
The WPS is talking about expansion as other leagues explore pro divisions. Then there's magicJack owner Dan Borislow, who says the MLS is the answer.

All-Star is critical to marketing the league around the world
Perhaps marketing it in the USA should be the first priority.

M.L.S. Begins to Resonate Internationall
Summer trips to the United States by international soccer clubs are signs that Major League Soccer has made strides in growing the sport in this country.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber plans on altering the league schedule to better accommodate future All-Star games
Why don't we just revert to the old East-West scheme and use it as a post-season eye catcher?

Don't read too much into All-Star Game
Yes, David Beckham and the best of MLS got beat 4-0 by Manchester United in the All-Star Game, but don't read too much into the result.