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Are You Going to the Club America Game Tonight? [Poll]

Tonight is the second of four total international friendlies and the first of three in the month of July. It also happens to be the singular international friendly that was not included as part of the Portland Timbers season ticket package which means that if you want to see the guys play tonight you're absolutely going to have to fork over some cash.

It's actually a little rare for a team to not include season ticket holders in their exhibition games. My only guess is that by doing it this way the TImbers FO is actually attempting to reach out to the Hispanic community in an attempt to get more of them interested in their local team. Hasn't really worked out for other teams, but then again Portland does foster a different sort of community so who knows.

My question leading in to tonight's game is just how many of you plan on showing up and, more specifically, how many TA members will be heading to the game tonight. We already know that the players who played against Sporting KC will not be playing tonight on account of the very important Cascadia Cup match coming up on Sunday so it might just be that, as a Timbers fan, it's just not worth it for some to watch the reserves take on Club America.

So how about it? You planning on showing up for the game tonight? Why or why not? Poll after the jump.