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Timbers Tid Bits: USMNT Edition

Big national team game tonight. While it's only a friendly, tonight will be the first time we see Jurgen Klinsmann in action coaching the men's national team. That said, though, let's not judge him too harshly. Klinsmann is here for the long haul and expecting big results a few days after he's appointed is unfair. Even for the best coaches in the world there's only so much you can do in a couple weeks time. Instead, I'd expect to see some differing formations, some new faces (like newly recruited Robbie Rogers) and other things like that.

I'll have a preview of tonight's match up as well as a discussion thread later today. Until then enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Emotions mixed as Timbers' Spencer returns to Houston
Along with Lovel Palmer and Mike Chabala who were Dynamo players only a couple weeks ago.

Portland's Spencer still irked by no-call at San Jose
Wouldn't be the first MLS refereeing gaf this year. Won't be the last.

Timbers players, staff help build home
The Portland Timbers traded the soccer pitch for a construction zone in an effort to help a local family in need.

John Spencer has faced tougher trials than challenges of Portland Timbers' first MLS season
As the Timbers head to Houston to face their coach's old team, examining what led him to Portland and his performance so far.

League news (after the jump)

There are degrees of flopping
Fans who consider flopping among the most annoying aspects of soccer have an ally in Sounders veteran Pat Noonan. [NOT MY WORDS]

Martin Rennie will coach the Vancouver Whitecaps of Major League Soccer next season
So he won't be taking over this season then?

Impact set to name new coach
The Impact will name its new head coach Wednesday morning.

Toubabo Jarju - My Decision to Join the MLS Surprised Many
Very surprising. Not many younger players would leave Europe to join MLS.

League announces fixture dates for 2011 MLS Cup Playoffs
Oh yes... it only gets more convoluted.