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Timbers Tid Bits: Jack Jewsbury Edition

Today will mark the first time Captain Jack Jewsbury returns to Kansas City to play his former team. As somebody who has played so well for the Timbers this season this has to be a bitter sweet reunion for Sporting Kansas City fans. That said, everything has changed since Jewsbury was playing for Kansas City. The name of the team is no longer the Kansas City Wizards. The uniform has been subdued quite a bit, and the stadium itself is entirely changed from the last time Jewsbury played for the Blues. Here's to a solid game tonight...

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Portland Timbers pivot focus to Kansas City
Timbers have chance to gain ground on Kansas City in playoff race.

Jewsbury set to check out the new look at old home
Although last year Kansas City had a different name, uniform and stadium...

Whitecaps still up for the Cup
With the playoffs lost to Vancouver their only hope is to win against Portland for Cascadia Cup glory.

Preview: Sporting, Timbers begin final push toward playoffs
Make or break game tonight.

League news (after the jump)

Seattle Sounders Keen to Set Up Academy in Dar Es Salaam
Not sure how accurate this is, but it's an interesting idea. MLS teams don't typically set up academies overseas.

CHIVAS USA: Angel says he's coming
Has Chivas USA even announced it yet?

MLS suspends Sporting KC assistant John Pascarella for 3 games
Apparently anybody can get suspended.

Galaxy star David Beckham plans his third and final trip to Australia
David Beckham is coming back to Australia in what is expected to be the last chance his legion of fans here will get to see him play live.

GALAXY: Cristman shines in 'Angel' role
Poor Angel. He just never fit in with the LA squad.

How Groupon May Skew NBC’s Deal With Major League Soccer
If matches are "sold out" then why are there still thousands of empty seats in the stadiums? Groupon may have something to do with it.

Champions League: Fast Start for L.A. and Seattle
Los Angeles and Seattle of M.L.S. each notched victories Tuesday night as group play began in the Concacaf Champions League.