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Portland stinks up Kansas City

Quick recap:

If you watched the Houston game you watched this one, except for the fact that Portland had more fight in the Houston game. Sporting Kansas City score 3 and come away with a win 3-1

First Half:

I swear the Portland Timbers are clinically insane, since they keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I don't know if there is anything I can write that is positive about the first half. Portland had zero shots on goal, no offense to speak of and had two huge mistakes that the Wiz turned into 2 goals. 

The only weird thing of the half was the fact that a Wiz fan threw a bobblehead doll at their own keeper. I mean how dumb is that?

Second Half:

This half was just as bad until the Timbers went down by three because after that everyone looked like they actually tried. Most likely it was because the Wiz didn't care. The positive out of the second half was the fact that Bright Dike scored his first MLS goal. Wasn't pretty but I cant think of a time when he has scored a "pretty" goal. 


Okay I was with yepyou'reright on this one, I had to kill things on a video game I was so frustrated with this game. I wasn't frustrated with the result, disappointed of course but not frustrated. I was frustrated with the lack of effort and the fact that Portland looked like they were U-11. There was no shape at all. They literally had 3 lines of players and played that way the whole night. There was no creativity, I am looking at you Darlington Nagbe and Jack Jewsbury. Jewsbury especially frustrated me with the lack of movement in the middle, he was never in the right place to receive a ball. 

Diego Chara worked his butt of again but couldn't get forward because there was no option for him to pass the ball forward. Every ball was essentially back or a long ball. It was so bad that the Defenders needed to play the ball the forwards because our midfield was absolute, I so want to swear right now which should tell you how frustrated I am. 

Rodney Wallace what in the name of H E double hockey sticks are you doing clearing that ball like that? Do you want them to score?!?!?!?!?! David Horst quite ball watching and pick up your man! Show me that you know this game was supposed to mean something, you did know a loss essentially costs us the play offs right? If you knew sure didn't look like you knew. 

Mike Chabala that was your worst game yet. What happened?

John Spencer I don't know what that starting line-up was but it seems that the when you play a 4-5-1 or more defensively your team lays a big fat goose egg. However when you say "Screw it, we are going to play tonight!" and play a 4-4-2 or at least a more involved Nagbe in the middle then the Timbers truly look amazing at times. 

However I do say good moves on the subs Spencer Brian Umony played better than Nagbe, Kalif Alhassan was better than Sal Zizzo, and Dike scored our only goal, however Kenny Cooper and Perlaza really didn't have a whole lot of service.

Well I would say use the comments to vent but remember keep it PG-13 if possible :) Oh and here is to a Cascadia win and a step towards possibly winning the Cascadia Cup.