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Introducing Two New Writers and a Community Manager!

As many of our regulars know, we here at Stumptown Footy have been striving to bring the best coverage of the Portland Timbers to you. It hasn't been an easy job but I think Ryan and I have managed to put in a good effort these past 8 or so months. Still, seeing as how we don't really get paid for this, it's not always possible for us to dedicate large amounts of time creating content for the site or heading out to this or that press event.

That why, as of today, we have brought on a couple extra writers to help us shore up some much needed content as well as a community manager to bring a more personal edge to the site.

The two new writers are Will Conwell and Andrew Wheeler.

About Will

I am a lifelong soccer fan who grew up rooting against the Timbers in Rochester, New York. However, after years of watching every level of American soccer, I fell in love with the Timbers Army so when the Timbers announced their move to MLS it gave me just the excuse I needed to start rooting for them as well.

My passions in life are writing, beer, and the beautiful game so it only makes sense that I would end up writing for Stumptown Footy here in Portland. I can also be found writing for PDX Pipeline, taking classes at PSU, and moving heavy stuff in warehouses.

About Andrew

I'm a lifelong soccer fan and a passionate Timbers fanatic since the 2007 campaign. Portland has been my home for a decade now, and in addition to its unmatched soccer culture, the area's incredible food, beer and natural beauty have contributed to my happiness. Also making me happy: getting to work/volunteer as a writer of various sorts for many years, contributing regularly to neighborhood newspapers, food blogs and Stumptown Footy.

Additionally, most of you should have seen this week's Lumberyard where our own William Duke posted an introduction to himself. Check it out here!

Will and Andrew will be attending Timbers training sessions, talking to players and coaches about the team and creating reports on them as well as contributing one or two other articles each week about various issues and analysis.

William will be spearheading our social and community efforts starting with stuff like the Lumberyard threads, but also creating some bar review articles and possible schedule viewing parties for the Stumptown faithful. He's here to help make you guys feel more like a part of the site.

So say your welcomes and such. Each will begin contributing very soon!