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Timbers Tid Bits: Hurricane Irene Edition

Stupid hurricanes! As if the break wasn't already going to be unbearable enough with a 3 week long break from home games, Hurricane Irene had to come muck up an away game. With no scheduling yet revealed the next away game isn't until September 10th. No telling when the Portland Timbers vs. D.C. United game will get rescheduled. Many voiced their opinions about this upcoming weekend given that neither team are scheduled, but those are also international dates scheduled for national teams... DCU will most definitely protest any game this weekend due to them losing a significant chunk of their starting line up to national sides.

My guess is we'll see a mid-week game next week.

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Vote for your favorite Portland Timbers photo
Check out these finalist photos and help pick the winner.

Timbers must get road wins to make playoffs
Anotehr road win would be nice...

Timbers boost business at nearby bars, restaurants
Proof that MLS was a good idea, at least initially (subscription required).

Another gut-check win for the Portland Timbers versus Chivas USA in race for playoffs
A little old, bit Kip always does such great write ups.

Three Portland Timbers players called up to national teams
Purdy, Marcelin and Wallace recalled by national teams for international play.

MLS news (after the jump)

Canada will rely on MLS in World Cup qualifying
At this point I'd say quite a few North American nations rely on MLS.

Hurricane Irene wreaks havoc on sports schedules
Baseball, soccer and football games in the Northeast are postponed, while a pro-golf tournament is cut short.

Shea’s game worth watching
Definitely a player every US soccer fan should take note of as he'll probably play a large role in the USMNT going forward.

Winter upset with Toronto's repeated defensive mistakes
If I was managing TFC I would be to!

With deal in England not finalized, FC Dallas star George John set to return
I guess that big EPL move just didn't work out.

Jamaica-born Cunningham is Major League goal king
Jeff Cunningham is now the highest scoring player in MLS.

MLS can attract fans by virtue of NBC deal
Just some quotes from Garber concerning the NBC deal.