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Portland Timbers 2012 Season Ticket Details Revealed; Waiting List Approaching 4,000

The Portland Timbers FO has revealed the upcoming 2012 season ticket details as we approach the off season and, well, they're pretty much the same as last year. Of course the key word there is "pretty much" which means, yes some thing have changed.

According to the press release, 80% of the season tickets are same price as they were for 2011. The good news here being that both the Value Terrace ($99/season) and the Timbers Army sections ($18/game) will remain unchanged. Here's the breakdown:



Per-Game Price

KeyBank Club (C1-C5)


East Premier (97-98)


Sideline (96, 99, 116-120)


Goal Box (95, 112-115, 121-122)


Sideline Terrace (216-220)


Corner (93-94, 110-111)


View Terrace (215-223)


Ends (92, 109, 123)


Timbers Army (101-108, 201-208)


North End Terrace (209-211)


Widmer Southern Front Bleachers (SD1-SD6)


Value Terrace (215-221)


Also of news is that the waiting list to get season tickets is approaching the 4,000 mark which is mighty impressive in the realms of MLS teams. We'll see later this year if 1,000 of those on the list end up getting in via the stadium expansion planned for a "test run" next home game.