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Timbers Tid Bits: No News Edition

Don't ask me why, but, for some reason, there's simply been no news regarding the Timbers this week so far. There are rumors that a player signing is coming by Wednesday, but I can't independently confirm if that's true or not. There have been hints we could see him at the BBQ tonight but I wouldn't place a bet on that if I were you.

So today's news wrap up is entirely league news. Some good stuff in here if you're interested in what's going on with some of the other teams. Right off the bat it looks like Vancouver is getting their third coach for the season.

Enjoy the morning news!

Impact to announce new head coach for jump to MLS in 2012
With Montreal's lousy season so far, it's no surprise that they're looking for an MLS replacement.

Friendlies stirring reaction from MLS and fans
Finally American fans can get back to the MLS regular season schedule.

What's wrong with the New York Red Bulls?
You would think they'd have everything locked up. Not sure what's wrong...

Whitecaps hire hot US coach to bolster franchise in 2012
One thing Whitecaps fans can't accuse their club of being is overly patient.

World Football Challenge matches impact Major League Soccer attendance
That's a bummer. Looks like people spent most of their money attending high caliber international friendlies rather than games that actually mean something.

Right Or Wrong, Peter Vermes Is Going Down The Wrong Path
Pick your battles... Bravo deserved the red card.

Real Salt Lake starlet Gil delighted to open MLS account
Young up and coming RSL player is going to be really good someday.