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Portland Timbers away to Philadelphia: Player Ratings

So I have been meaning to start this for the last month but with the start of school and the need for me to be prepared for it has pushed this out until now. I thought this would be a good stand alone piece rather than have it attached to the recap. I will be giving each player a rating based on a 1-10 scale with 1 being craptastic and 10 being "godlike".

I will also try and give a 1-2 sentence explanation as to why they got that rating. Feel free to give your own ratings in the comments.(I know this game was, as my brother put it, a "bleh" game so this might not be the best one to comment on.

Ratings after the Jump.


(name, rating, comments)

  • Mike Chabala- Did not work well with his wing partner and was out of position a few times but overall did not affect the game positively or negatively.
  • David Horst- 7 - Worked well at shutting down any opportunity Philadelphia Union had around the goal. 
  • Eric Brunner - - Was his usual self and won anything that was around him, even showed the union how a tackle is used effectively 
  • Sal Zizzo - 5 - Got forward but lacked the quality to put the ball where it needed to be. 
  • Diego Chara - 7 - The energizer bunny kept going and going and going. Really broke up a lot of attacks and helped out on the wings when they got too far forward. Could have been an 8 if he was able to do more in the attack.
  • Jack Jewsbury - 6 - Did enough defensively but did not link up effectively to create much offense.
  • Kalif Alhassan - 5 - Great attack and some great switches but really didn't get anything done in the final third where we need him to be more effective.
  • Lovel Palmer - 6 - Could have been higher but had some defensive miscues and was not able to get forward as much (mainly due to his wing partner)
  • Kenny Cooper - 6 - Did everything that was needed except score the goal. The last 4 games has been a steady improvement for Kenny
  • Jorge Perlaza - 6 - Was not as effective in spreading the defense out but that can be attributed in part to the lack of balls from the midfield. Still cannot finish a breakaway.
  • Troy Perkins - 8 - Did what he needed to keep the Union out of the net and earned his 6th clean sheet of the year.
  • Bright Dike - 6 - worked hard to get into position but still needs some polishing to became a threat to score every time he touches it.
  • Rodney Wallace - 6 - Upped the tempo on the left wing and really tracked back well for the tired CM's. 
  • Darlington Nagbe - N/A - Not enough time to influence the game in his 8 minutes of action but did shore up the D on the right wing.
  • John Spencer - 6.5 - substitutions were generally positive and looked like he was trying to get a win rather than sit back and go for the draw. He also pushed the right buttons at half to turn around a listless team.