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Timbers Tid Bits: Las Vegas Edition

There is, one again, renewed interest in a Las Vegas MLS expansion. One article has a $1.4 billion muti-sports complex being built in the city of Henderson for both the NBA and MLS. But I wonder... where's the motivation for an MLS team in Las Vegas? No offense to the city's sports fans, but unlike with Portland, Philadelphia, or even San Antonio there's not a strong ground swell of support. Quite frankly, I think an MLS team in Vegas would fail...

Of course, I could be wrong, I'm not an expert, but I can immediately think of five other places where MLS would be a better fit (at least in terms of support):

  1. Detroit
  2. San Diego
  3. Orlando
  4. St. Louis
  5. San Antonio

Enjoy the afternoon news!

Timbers News

A Look to the Future: Soccer in the Northwest
A vacationer reviews a Timbers game. Quaint!

Cooper especially savors win over Revs
That was his first goal since August 6th.

Danso Returns for Timbers - As Ken Mansally's Revs Chopped Down
A review of last Friday's game from an African site.

Northwest Portland residents offer suggestions at meeting for proposed parking plan
The proposed plan would bring parking meters and shorter visitor parking hours to Northwest Portland's Northwest District neighborhood.

Other news (after the jump)

Looking at the standings as MLS hits the home stretch
A detailed look at the Eastern Conference.

Sporting KC fans show sportsmanship
Writer from across the pond takes a trip to watch Sporting KC and leaves impressed with more than just the soccer game.

Nicolas Anelka was close to signing with Major League Soccer, could still join the league
At 32 he wouldn't be too old either.

Red Bulls showing life again in race for MLS playoff spot
Hopefully not too much life. The Timbers will likely need one of those Eastern wild card spots.

While the West Dominates, the East Entertains
It's true, despite their mediocrity the East has quite the race to the top.

TFC hopes MLS success carries over
Despite their season being pretty much over, Toronto FC have recovered and are playing confidently.

MLS interested in having team in Las Vegas
I still don't think a team would do well in Las Vegas...

Columbus Crew Making Bid To Become Worst Conference Winner Ever
It's not really the Crew's fault, but they are currently on pace to become arguably the worst conference winner in MLS history.

M Resort stadium proposed is Las Vegas
$1.4 billion to bring MLS and the NBA to Las Vegas.