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Timbers Tid Bits: 7 Points Edition

Seven points. That's the magic number, at this point, that many believe will be sufficient enough to get the Portland Timbers into the play offs. Of course, that's still dependent on other teams losing enough of the final games to ensure the possibility, but by and large the Timbers need at least 7 more points to even get that hope.

That makes both of the final two home games must wins. Tonight's versus San Jose is crucial to getting 3 of those 7 points. Another win against Houston at home and then at least 1 draw (although a win would be amazing) and the Timbers will hopefully make it.

To read more on the play off chase, check out Ryan Gates' most recent article on the subject.

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers news

Pressure increases on Portland Timbers in game against San Jose
With only one home game remaining after Wednesday night, a win over the Earthquakes is critical to remain in playoff picture.

Portland hopes to extend streaks against San Jose
Home wins are a must!

San Jose next test in Timbers’ playoffs push

Other news

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