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Recap: Portland Timbers Kiss their Sister

Quick Recap:

The Portland Timbers and San Jose Earthquakes turn back time and instead of playing the game take a break as they show a replay of their previous meeting. Portland ties San Jose 1-1.

First Half:

This game started out differently from the New England Game but in the first 9 minutes the result was the same. San Jose really came out looking strong on the ball and knocked it around the park. They didn't get a good chance on goal but they were looking like they were 1 or 2 passes away from getting it. However, Portland was the first to strike. Darlington Nagbe was able to capitalize on a defensive error and hit a great cut back ball to Kenny Cooper. Cooper didn't hit the ball well but he was able to get it over a sprawling Jon Busch

Portland almost added another minutes later as Kalif Alhassan hit a great through ball to Sal Zizzo who hit a one timer across the goal. Nagbe slid into the ball but hit it right to Busch. San Jose didn't just throw in the towel as they kept up the attack and Portland seemed to relax just a bit for the next several minutes.

Portland bent, at times almost in half, but didn't break thanks to some stellar defensive efforts from multiple sources. At times Portland looked like they were playing on either tired legs or just couldn't bring the same effort as last Friday's game. They still had their chances but were unable to get the second goal.

Portland gave up too many chances and if that continued in the second half San Jose was going to find the back of the net.

Second Half:

The second half started much they way the first half went, with San Jose in possession and the aggressor in the game. With Portland back on their heels much of the run of play when against them. Luckily for the first 15 mins or so Portland showed signs of cracking but didn't and as the game went on they gained more and more possession.

Also as the game went on San Jose got even more physical. It got so bad that in one sequence Alhassan was knocked to the ground with a shove as he was jumping for a header and the ball bounced to Nagbe who went to head it but got a boot to the side of the head instead.The ref did call the first foul but only gave a yellow to the first player and didn't even bat an eye at the boot to the head.

Portland was able to get more possession around the 60th minute and was starting to look more and more comfortable on the ball. Despite that added confidence Portland gave up the equalizer in the 70th minute. It was a good turn and shot that should never have happened. The goal reinvigorated San Jose as they seemed to feel that they could now come away with all 3 points.

This game was a carbon copy of the first game, Portland scores first (both by Cooper) and San Jose scores late in the second half to earn a draw.



  • Portland continues their unbeaten streak but didn't look as dominant as they were last game
  • The draw puts even more pressure on the team to win on the road, despite the fact that they now are in sole possession of the final wild card spot.
  • Chara was Man of the Match for stopping Goals from occurring
  • Nagbe was good but not as influential this game as last game, which could be attributed to the team playing flat
  • Cooper scores again, which is a great trend that hopefully continues.