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Timbers Tid Bits: Crazy Marquez Edition

I'm going to refrain from talking about last night's game in today's link round up because, well, you're probably hearing enough about that. Instead, I'm gonna talk about Rafa Marquez...

As many of you can now read from the links gathered below, Rafa Marquez (the third highest paid player in MLS) has gone completely nuts. While he hasn't been popular lately, his attitude after New York's abysmal game against Real Salt Lake (yay!) was shocking. The man, instead of taking responsibility for the defense he leads decided to instead rail on his team mates about how they're not good enough and his own awesome is just too much for them (I paraphrased). It's absolutely nuts!

Not sure if this will have any implications on the weekend's game between the Timbers and Red Bulls, but I'm sure there's going to be some locker room drama for sure. I feel bad for New York fans right now...

Timbers news

U.S. women's star Megan Rapinoe in Portland at Celebration Series
Not directly Timbers related, but interesting nonetheless.

Portland Timbers finish in 1-1 draw against San Jose
Timbers move into 10th and final playoff position and play New York on Saturday.

Portland Timbers Vs. San Jose Earthquakes, 2011 MLS: Late Equalizer Ruins Rose City's Day
Whomp, whomp.

Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquake (Photos)
The usual fantastic photo series.

Other news

Rafael Márquez has failed to settle in MLS
Marquez was a mistake. Clear and simple.

Move over, soccer moms, the league's hard-core fan groups are here to stay
Which is good! The atmosphere is what makes an MLS game an event.

Red Bulls lose 3-1 to RSL; Marquez says teammates not on his level
More on Marquez's comments.

Despite travel fatigue, Koevermans fitting in for TFC
More good news for TFC... what kind of world do we live in these days?

Vets Califf, Le Toux force behind Union success
The guidance of veterans Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Califf is a main reason the Union are in a solid position in just the franchise's second year of existence.

5th straight win has RSL thinking about playoffs
I think they could have started "thinking" about it 2-3 games ago, to be honest.

Rafa Marquez lashes out at teammates, says they aren't on his level
When there's no one to blame but yourself, blame everybody.

Q&A: Sporting KC's Peterson Joseph, the "Haitian Xavi"
An interview with once of KC's up and coming players.