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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: San Jose Edition

I have one word to describe that game: Bleh.

Again the ratings are based on a 10 point scale:


Troy Perkins - 7 - He made two amazing saves that helped preserve the 1 point that Portland earned (not sure it was deserved)

Futty Danso - 6 - You will probably see this a lot but didn't really make any mistakes but really didn't show a lot

Eric Brunner - 7 - really put his body on the line in multiple occasions and helped stymie Chris Wondlowski

Mike Chabala - 6 - Didn't seem as involved in the attack but then again who was for the Timbers

Lovel Palmer - 7 - Really had his hands full defensively as Alhassan decided to roam around the pitch a lot more but showed he is up to the task

Kalif Alhassan - 6 - I like his aggressiveness and looking for long shots but when all but 2 of them go high or wide it might be a better idea to do something else with the ball.

Sal Zizzo - 6 - Had some stellar moments but disappeared for a majority of the game.

Darlington Nagbe - 6 - Set up a great goal but was really pushed around this game and not allowed to sit and distribute like he could 

Diego Chara - 8 - His box to box work rate is amazing and saved 2 goal scoring opportunities

Jack Jewsbury - 6 - Held the fort but just couldn't keep the possession going

Kenny Cooper - 6 - great goal but like the rest of his teammates the Timbers needed something else/more

James Marcelin - 5 - Almost a wasted sub as there was no positive or negative influence on the game from him

Jorge Perlaza - 6 - really stretched those tired legs but the Timbers needed that something special from him

Bright Dike - N/A - Just not enough time to judge his play on

John Spencer - 4 - Got to get the boys up for this game and the subs seemed a little late. 

What are your ratings? Any disagreement with mine?