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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: Away to New York

Usually I wait a day to digest the game and rewatch it but after today's game I really don't think I have to because all but three of the players will get the same score. So I am going to break it down into Three groups.

Group 1 - The good - 7

Troy Perkins- Without him it would have been 4-0 or worse.

Group 2 - The Bad -  4

Kenny Cooper, Mike Chabala, Diego Chara, Kalif Alhassan, Eric Brunner, Futty Danso, Eric Alexander, Sal Zizzo, Darlington Nagbe, Jack Jewsbury, Lovel Palmer 

I don't even know where to start, they all lost their marks, had terrible passes, thought the ref should make a call and look at him as New York Red Bulls took the ball and attacked, ran around like the were clueless and basically look like they were playing their first game together.

Group 3 - No Rating -

Bright Dike and Jorge Perlaza just didn't have enough to judge on because of what the rest of the team were doing...

The Coach

John Spencer - 4 - In his post game he says he can't fault the effort his team showed tonight but I saw more of a lack of effort.

Anyone else want to rant?