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Timbers Tid Bits: Handball Edition

So I decided, probably with my better judgement, to not dedicate an entire post against Kalif Alhassan's mythical handball. Instead I'll just mini-rant here...

Anyways, I've watched and rewatched the highlights many times now. I've tried to understand where the handball was. But it flat out was not there. The ball hit his chest and bounced off. You can even see where Alhassan puffed out his chest to knock it out. It was a great save by the young midfielder, nothing more...

Oh and Henry's reaction? For somebody who intentionally handled a ball out of goal not 2 years past to claim that this was a handball? Priceless!

P.S. Some have stated the handball should have been for Futty as one angle definitely shows that it looked like it his his arm, but based on another replay angle it clearly shows the ball going under his arm and coming off Lovel Palmer's knee. Again... no handball!

I'm done. Enjoy your morning news!

Timbers news

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